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First Things First

The Briar Unit at Las Encinas Hospital is dedicated to those patients suffering from chemical dependency. In 1987, several alumni saw a need for a social group, separate from any Twelve Step programs, where sober and clean individuals could share in a fellowship celebrating the fun enjoyed in sobriety and its importance recovery. Thus the Briar Bunch was born. Originally, membership was only available to those individuals coming through the Briar Unit but that since has changed and all in recovery are welcome to join us in sobriety!


Welcome to the redesigned site!

In order to be able to provide quicker updates to the Briar Bunch events we have redesigned the site on a new platform. Be sure to sign up your account so that you can enjoy all the member’s only benefits that include the gallery and back-issues of the Briar Wire!

The Briar Board

Your Briar Board

  • President: Michael A.
  • Vice-President: Justin D.
  • Treasurer: Don H.
  • Secretary: Kim A.
  • Board of Directors: Art, Bruce M., Chuck, Don, Patrick, & Vicki H.
  • Past President: Rosa D.