The Briar Unit at Las Encinas Hospital is dedicated to those patients suffering from chemical dependency. In 1987, several alumni saw a need for a social group, separate from any Twelve Step programs, where sober and clean individuals could share in a fellowship celebrating the fun enjoyed in sobriety and its importance recovery. Thus the Briar Bunch was born. Originally, membership was only available to those individuals coming through the Briar Unit but that since has changed.

The Briar Bunch Board meets bi-monthly at Las Encinas Hospital primarily to discuss and plan future outings and all members are welcome to attend. Past social events have included holiday parties, professional sport outings, picnics, bowling parties, bingo nights, plays, area interest tours and various other activities. Currently there are approximately 125 members. The first year membership fee is waived for Briar alumni and nominal for all others interested in joining. Membership benefits include greatly reduced rates for Briar events, member access to this website and great fellowship in recovery!

If you are interested in joining the Briar Bunch or have further questions, please contact any member or email us through this website. You may also APPLY ONLINE.


The Briar Bunch
P.O. BOX 60982
Pasadena, CA 91106-9998


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